Structures and Routines for speech therapy

Structures and Routines

Structures and Routines

Structures and Routines -Speech Therapy

Structure, structure and only structure works best for your little one.

I have a 4 month old baby and even she has a daily routine, out of which she starts getting cranky and irritable.
Especially for children on the Autism spectrum, a crystal clear structure and routine is a must. You can start with something as basic as a morning routine or a bedtime routine. Here are some sequencing cards that you can use with your child. You could put a piece of velcro on these (laminated) cards and keep an envelope next to them. These cards have been made using clipart and Boardmaker pictures.

You can Google images or even click your child’s pictures doing these tasks. Rewards and treats work superbly to kick in the initial liking to complete the tasks with pictures.Keep expecting more out of your kids and let them surprise you!



morning_routine_2 night_routine




Structures and Routines -Speech Therapy




Structures and Routines


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