Choose a translucent bag

Why Choose a translucent bag?

Why Choose a translucent bag?

Choose a translucent bag – If you have seen any of my sessions you would be familiar with this game. I employ this simple activity to work upon skills of- instruction following,comprehension, identification, differentiation, naming of different objects, along with language stimulation & expansion and turn takng.

What do I do?

I take a small attractive/colorful bag , fill it with the objects of target words ( e.g transport vehicles or animals or daily objects etc). I swing the bag in front of the child while singing..”bag mein kya hai…” ( you can cook up your own tune) and ask the child to take out any 1 object. Then we talk about the target object/toy in hand..sing related rhymes and keep it away to move on to the next object. I switch turns and reward on each good attempt by the child. This activity works superbly in one on one or group sessions too.

I also use it as an articulation game sometimes when I place small articulation cards of the sounds I’m working on.

Tip – Choose a translucent bag, so that your child cant see its contents right away. Hence the mystery quotient is maintained.

You must give this game a try and I’m sure your little one will love it 🙂


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