Don't Let Your Stutter Define You!

Stuttering or stammering is a speech difficulty. People who stutter may repeat sounds, syllables, or words, or they may prolong sounds. There may also be pauses to the flow of speech, along with unusual expressions or movements.

1SpecialPlace offers you the Speak Easy Program which is a bootcamp style intensive program carefully curated keeping various aspects of stuttering in mind. Fluency Therapy is not new to the world, but this special program is one of it's kind.

 Who will benefit?

The program has been designed for adults, adolescents as well as for children with stuttering.

What we do?

The Speak Easy program is holistic in nature and ensures an action packed journey. It stems from a success oriented approach to smooth, stutter-free breezy speech. It has a blended structure with online and hands on therapy from a multidisciplinary team.

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Our Approach


The program entails intensive and frequent sessions across 3 months. This structure helps in improving speech fluency which affects communication, career and academic life.


Experience great ways for improved emotional control, reduced anxiety and better management of speech.


Our program is structured and designed by experts. Althoug we follow a standardised therapy protocols which are supervised, each client gets an individual experience which is suited to his/her need.


The program works not only speech but different aspects of stuttering and aims to provide a holistic, liberating experience.


Activate your speech success from the convenience of your home!