An Exclusive Therapy Experience

Welcome to the most premium therapy service of India. At 1SpecialPlace, we do things differently. We ensure the highest standards of professionalism and support. Our Exclusive Therapy provides that something extra which you and your family deserve! Our promise is to provide you with an excellent therapy experience as we stand tall with you through out your journey with us.

Where therapy meets lifestyle

Our therapy offerings are customised to take into consideration your lifestyle and needs.Our service includes comprehensive diagnostics, consultations with accomplished therapists and technology-aided follow-ups with the aim to ensure your family's wellness.

Where therapy meets success

With 1SpecialPlace Exclusive therapy, you will instantly discover that you are so much more than just a client. Right from the way we have designed our therapy products, to the way we serve you, we have left no stone unturned, ensuring that  you are placed above everything else.

Exclusive Therapy
Exclusive Therapy
Avail exciting launch offers for Speech Therapy Exclusive

Immerse yourself in Exclusive Experience

Extra Support

Get longer sessions and extra time with the therapist.

Priority Slots

Avail convenient slots and automatic bookings.

Personalised care

The exclusive program is personalised to your needs and entails 360 degree support.


Get access to our enriching resource library which can be used during non-therapy days.

High Quality

Avail the highest quality of treatment of all types of speech, language and behaviour difficulties.

Experienced therapists

Partner with our best therapists. Get professional experience of many years backing your success.

Client Advisor

A personal client advisor will help you through your journey with us.

Royalty Program

Avail our highly rewarding Royalty Program. Becoming an exclusive member has its awesome benefits.

Your success is our priority!

Access the best clinical support possible from home.