Get Your Child School Ready !

All kids deserve the best possible start in life. Our Early Intervention Program provides that crucial support which empowers families, reduces risk factors and sets the child on a path of success.

Who will benefit ?

Kids with developmental and learning delays between 3-6 yrs of age.

What do we do ?

Our program is akin to a preschool setup. We provide online sessions, 3 days in a week. Our program is structured to improve all areas of development like language, speech, physical, fine motor, cognitive, self self skills and social skills.

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Mon - Sat
10:00 - 17:30
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Our Approach

Play Way

We believe that children are naturally motivated to play and that's when optimal learning takes place.

One on One

At this early age children function best in a one on one focused environment where they learn and grow.


Our program is structured and designed by experts. We follow an annual curriculum which is easy to follow at home.

Holistic Growth

Our program fosters different skills like speech, language, physical and fine motor, cognitive, self help skills and social skills.

Online Early Intervention Program

Give your child a bright future from the safety of your home.