Summer Easy Math worksheets

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Summer Easy Math worksheets

You might be the type of mom who is just as enthusiastic as her children and can’t wait to spend more time with them at home. But we all want to spend our days with enjoyable and memorable Summer activities! Use these fun and interactive Easy Math worksheets to help your students become more confident in Numeracy skills! These are ideal for assisting kids in  improving Maths, as well as creating a solid basis for close independent work in the future.

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Learn maths is a fun way! Summer is an amazing theme to work on math and pre math skills. This is a collection of visually appealing worksheets made especially by special educators. They have various activities like addition, subtraction, simple graphs, visual perception, dot to dot joining, counting, size estimation and more!
This worksheet can be used for teaching numeracy skills to kids as young as 4 years.

This packet contains 15 worksheets with different scenarios for the summer season.

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