Reading Comprehension Packet

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Reading Comprehension Packet is a resource that helps young students learn the English language.  Above all, literacy development is crucial for growing children.

Teaching Reading Comprehension

Comprehension is similar to understanding. In a general context, comprehension means “to be read and understood”. However, children have different learning styles. The different learning styles are visual, auditory, reading, or experiential. Academic development depends on literacy skills. As a result, the skill of reading comprehension is of paramount importance in the elementary years.

The prerequisite skills of reading are :

  • basic sight words
  • phonetically reading new words
  • reading phrases
  • reading sentences

Firstly, a child develops reading pre skills. Secondly, as a result he starts comprehension of written text. Thirdly, beginning from simple stories to statement sums in Maths, all subjects thrive on comprehension. In conclusion, this resource serves for all kids learning to read and understand.

Reading Comprehension Packet

This packet offers activities and ideas to promote reading and writing. In addition, you can use this resource digitally or print it. This packet serves kids 3 years+  It is useful resource for parents, educators and therapists.

This resource by childhood educators and experts and 1SpecialPlace. Therefore, we hope it will add value in your teaching methods!

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