Pre Writing Skills Worksheets

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Pre Writing Skills Worksheets Bundle is a set of worksheets for pre writing skills in children. Additionally, this collection helps children develop fine motor skills and attention span.

Pre Writing Skills

The skills that help a child learn to write are called prewriting skills. These include the sensorimotor skills that contribute to a child holding and using a pencil, and the ability to draw, copy, and colour. Some basic pre writing skills of bilateral coordination, visual coordination, pincer grasp and more!


This bundle has 10 worksheets on Pre Writing Skills. These are interactive worksheets. They are fun and engaging for kids. The child  should be encouraged to attempt these with minimal assistance.  And above that it offers activities to promote hands on tasks too. Hence it also works on attention skills. In addition, you can print and laminate it. This packet serves kids 2 years+  Not only is it a useful resource for parents, but also for educators and therapists.

This resource by occupational therapists at 1SpecialPlace. Therefore, we hope it will add value in your teaching methods!

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