Janmashtmi Bingo

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What is Janmashtmi?

Hindus all across the world commemorate the Krishna Janmashtami celebration over the course of two to three days. In “Krishna Lilas,” drama-dance renditions of Lord Krishna’s life are performed throughout the festival. This is followed by fasting, all-night vigils during which devotional hymns are sung, and a feast the next day whereby everyone can partake of specially made sweets and delights.


This is an awesome collection of Janmasthmi words that can be learned and practiced as a Bingo game.

This worksheet includes 10 sheets of Bingo which you can either print or use digitally.

Suitable for kids 4 years +

It has pictures as well as words in English and Hindi. Hence it can be used as an amazing resource by parents, therapists and educators as well.

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