Diwali OT Festival Activities

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The Diwali season is a hectic and chaotic time.  With family parties, altered schedules, house cleanings and festive ceremonies Diwali can be fun but also overwhelming.  Kids with sensory and developmental needs can find everything stressful and too much! The overload of sensory input can be exhausting for children with difficulty in processing input from their environment.
Hence we thought of pulling together some festive activities that you can include in your Diwali holidays. These will ensure that your child practices his OT skills and has  Diwali fun at the same time!
In this E-Book you will find 21 Home based OT activities that you can do with your children. They span across all OT skills like Sensory, Visual, Proprioceptive, Vestibular, Gross and Fine Motor.

Great For :

Parents and Professionals


Ages :

2 years +

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