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Attention Building Worksheet Bundle! Download now!

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Attention Building Worksheet Bundle is a resource for enhancing attention in children. Additionally, this collection helps children have better emotional regulation and maintain a balance in behaviour.

Attention Building and Emotional Regulation

Inattention has been defined as the ‘lack of attention’ or the ‘failure to carefully think about, listen to, or watch someone or something.  In other words, it refers to the inability of an individual to attend to an item or object, person, sound etc. for a required duration of time.

Attention span in children is a developmental skill. Therefore, a gain in the skill is seen with age, till it becomes adult-like. It is natural for younger children to lose interest and attention rather rapidly when compared to adults with typical attention.

Seeking the correct path is crucial. One must pay attention to the subtle signs of inattention in young children, to ensure they can learn better and perform well – developmentally or academically!


This bundle offers activities and ideas to promote behavioural management and hence works on attention skills. In addition, you can use this resource digitally or print it. This packet serves kids 4 years+  Not only is it a useful resource for parents, but also for educators and therapists.

This resource by childhood psychologists and experts and 1SpecialPlace. Therefore, we hope it will add value in your teaching methods!

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