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Life with Burhan

Life with Burhan

We bring to you this incredible journey of Ms. Khadija, a wonderful mother, and a true inspiration for all women. She candidly talks about her wonderful life with her son, Burhan who was born with an extra chromosome. Life with Burhan is an inspiring story.

I am Khadija mother of Burhan. A little boy rocking his life with an extra chromosome.

As a single parent raising a child with special needs. I have been through the phase of depression, anxiety, rejection & self-doubt.

“A little boy rocking his life with an extra chromosome.”

When Burhan was born, I was unaware of what Down Syndrome was.


I felt helpless, and just then I started asking parents around me who had children with special needs. Because only these parents knew what I was going through and shared the reality of raising them with me.

I wish that kind of Support every mother gets at the beginning of her motherhood journey,

So, then I decided to write blogs about Me & Burhan.

  • How our lives were no different than anyone’s
  • How the world became a better place for me
  • How my child inspired me every day

Whenever I encountered questions about my child’s development, I made sure that whatever I explained should stick with them for life, because being ghosted by such things is never an option.

“Let’s be The One your child needs”

As a mother, I am happy to give my support to anyone who needs it.

Today, I have a website that shares our story & Guides. I use this social media platform to spread awareness about Down Syndrome.

“I have a vision with me that no one should be unaware of the life of a person with Special Needs”

In today’s world, if we ever come across a person with Special Needs or any disabilities:

  • we don’t know how to interact.
  • we lack in conversating with them
  • we get so clueless that we end up staring at them
  • we are not equipped to offer help to them if needed

Burhan and her mother

You never know when you have a CHILD with Special Needs at your home, or to your close friend, or any person you relate closely to.

At that time, you should be able to support them and understand the need of the family.

“I always wonder how my 24 years of education never taught me how to include people with Special Needs in our lives”

But I don’t want this environment for my child where people are unaware of his existence.

We as a society need to change our perspectives.

And I am so happy that today I stand in a crowd where people around me understand Burhan because I talk about it.

That’s what I emphasize to parents,


“Unless we tell the world what our child goes through, don’t expect anyone to just understand the whole story”

We need to speak and let the people know.

Today the young generation is more adaptable to new information. When we speak about our child’s ability, they are the ones who step in and offer support.

In my experience, I know very young people, who are still going to school and college, and the way they accepted Burhan is commendable.

Kids don’t see flaws they see just tiny humans. We as a mature world try to make them learn the differences.

“As I Say to other parents, Living for yourself is an Art”

Your child is looking up to you as a role model. Make them believe that their parents/ caregivers/ family are strong, confident, happy & fun-loving in everyday life.

You teach your child not by teaching them but by being the example you want them to be.

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