I Spy Ugadi & Gudi Padwa

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I Spy Ugadi & Gudi Padwa

India is a land of festivals. We Indians, thrive on different cultures and every culture has a list of festivals. In fact, there are many festivals that are celebrated with other names and rituals across the country. Children should be taught about festivities being observed across different cultures and communities in India. One such link can be drawn between the festivals of Gudi Padwa and Ugadi.
Ugadi is celebrated in the southern states of India, especially in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana, while Gudi Padwa is celebrated in the western state of Maharashtra. Both festivals are celebrated on the same day, usually in late March or early April, and are known for their unique traditions and customs. Both festivals are known for their unique traditions and customs, and are celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor. Whether it is the Ugadi Pachadi or the Gudi, both festivals have their own special dishes and decorations that make them a delight to experience.

The I Spy Ugadi & Gudi Padwa worksheet offers an I spy game as per the festival theme. It can serve as a great resource to build vocabulary for children. In addition, you can use this resource digitally or print it. This packet serves kids 3 years+  Not only is it a valuable resource for parents, but also for educators and therapists.

This resource is by childhood educators and experts and 1SpecialPlace. Therefore, we hope it will add value to your teaching methods!

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