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[dt_sc_h2] Let’s Talk Craft! [/dt_sc_h2]


This section of DIY activities includes simple doable crafty items that maximize opportunities for your child to speak, learn, understand and have fun at the same time .These DIY activities work on the following areas –

  1. Receptive Language Skills
  2. Expressive Language Skills ( Expressive Speech)
  3. Fine Motor Skills
  4. Cognitive Skills
  5. Organization and Categorization
  6. Attention and Concentration
  7. Joint Attention
  8. Eye Contact
  9. Eye Hand Coordination
  10. Creative thinking
  11. Analytical reasoning
  12. Social/Pragmatic Skills when done in a group
  13. Play

[dt_sc_h3]Tips before starting DIY activities [/dt_sc_h3]

  1. Care should be taken to choose activities according to your child’s age and interest
  2. If initially you find that your child doesn’t sit for a long time to complete the activity, start with very basic and simple stuff
  3. Keep the goals achievable


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