Special Educator

At 1SpecialPlace, we strive to provide a very rewarding Special Educator Job

As a remote 1SP tele-therapist you will have the chance to serve clients while balancing your work and your life for a more flexible lifestyle.


Benefits of Working for 1SpecialPlace

  • Work from Home - Cut your commute and cost with work from home.
  • Work for a Purpose - 1SP is a mission driven company, founded and run by an SLP. Be an advocate of technology driven service delivery and lead change in the therapy industry.
  • Mentor Guidance - At 1SpecialPlace, you are more than a number. You are an integral part of our team with mentor guidance to help you bridge the gap from university to professional practice.
  • Flexibility - Schedule with flexibility around your needs.
  • Collaboration driven Growth - Collaborate with therapy providers across the country, share resources and ideas with our exceptional and diverse therapists.
  • High Remuneration - We offer remuneration which is beyond expectation in the Industry, and that too with full transparency and fairness.

Special Educator Job Summary

  • To provide skilled Special Education to 1SP Therapy clients using a secure web-based platform. 
  • It involves evaluations, treatment, consultations, screenings and documentation of services.

Minimum Requirements

  • Education - Bachelor's or Master’s Degree in Special Education.
  • Certification - Current Nationally recognised Certification
  • Experience - 
    • At least 1 year of experience
    • Documentation : At least 1 year of experience
  • Continuing Education - Complete continuing education to maintain license.
  • Regulations - Compliant with state healthcare regulatory requirements.

Desirable Qualities 

  • More than 20 hours availability in a week.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Proficient with computer technology.
  • Possess up-to-date knowledge of treatment practices and physical therapy programs.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Facilitate lessons in a manner that will be effective despite a client's disability.
  • Provide support to client both academically and personally where necessary.
  • Respect client's and treat them with dignity in the learning environment.
  • Prepare lessons in advance with the needs of learners in mind.
  • Design activities to achieve the learning goals of the client.