Apps for Speech Fluency

Apps for Speech Fluency

Apps for Speech Fluency

Fluency is a very important aspect of speech production. When stutterers want to improve on speech fluency, often the younger individuals seek for apps to help with speech fluency. There are many apps for speech fluency available on Google Play and the Apple iTunes store. Some of these apps will be discussed below. It is important to remember to use these Speech Fluency apps with guidance from a qualified Speech-Language Pathologist.

  1. Speech4Good

Speech4Good app

You can use the Speech4Good app to improve speech fluency. You can record and monitor your speech as you practice. The app is available for iOS users. This app can be used by stutterers and speech-language pathologists. It uses the concept of Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF). The features of the Speech4Good app include:

  • A speech center: This is a visual dashboard that you can use for practice
  • A speech graph (oscilloscope) that displays in real-time
  • You can record, make notes, and playback recorded speech samples
  • It has a custom-built library to save and organize files by date
  • You can also email recordings and session notes
  1. Fluency SIS

Fluency SIS app

You can use the Fluency SIS (Smart Intervention Strategy) app with school-age children between 8-12 years who stutter. It is designed for speech therapists and students. There are four components under the SIS which include:

  • Think Smart, Feel Smart
  • Cool Speech
  • Challenge the Dragons
  • Into the ‘Real’ World

The Fluency SIS app has various features. Some of them are listed below:

  • Fun-filled exercises
  • Encouraging and motivating displays
  • Uses humor and creativity
  • Enhances your creativity skills
  • Breaks your speaking boundaries and improve your confidence
  • You can also track your progress from time to time.
  1. DAF Professional

DAF Professional app

The DAF Pro app is designed and tested by a certified speech-language pathologist. It uses the Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF) technique. You can use this app on android and iOS devices. The app is easy to use. You can use it majorly with stutterers and even individuals with Parkinson’s disease. You can slow down the speed at which you speak using this app. This makes your speech sound clearer to others.

  1. FluencyCoach

FluencyCoach app

The FluencyCoach app uses the concept of “choral speech effect”. In simple words, it means people speaking in unison. The app allows for a slight delay and a change in pitch. You can observe a change in speech fluency using this principle. You can use it with stutterers who struggle with speech clarity. The speech fluency apps has several features:

  • It is user friendly
  • Has a recording function to record your speech
  • Automatic saving of recorded files
  • You can send recorded files using e-mail
  1. Ernest Stuttering App

Ernest Stuttering App

The app is designed and developed by a Speech-Language Pathologist. You can use it for stutterers. You can use a multimedia book and four games to improve speech fluency. The book contains stories about a boy named Ernest who has stuttering. He explains how he and his family cope with stuttering. You will also understand what stuttering really is. You can use this speech fluency app as a great resource while counseling parents of stutterers.

The app has the following games:

  1. Speaking & Explores. This game will explain the speech mechanism, articulation, techniques such as easy starts and light contacts, and self-regulation.
  2. Identifying & Explores. This game is mainly used for creating awareness of smooth and harsh articulatory contacts.
  • Memorizing. This is a practice game. Your child will listen, memorize words and record themselves pronouncing those words.
  1. Drawing. This game will help your child cope with their feelings towards stuttering by drawing what stuttering represents to them.
  1. MyLynel

You can use the MyLynel app to practice fluency shaping and stuttering modification techniques. The app also helps with transfer and generalization skills of speech fluency. It has five free unlimited packs to help practice various techniques.

The app has the following features:

  • Record your audio in any real-life speech activity for up to 5 minutes
  • Real-time bio-feedback display of gentle onsets and speech loudness
  • Use the techniques in real-life speech activities
  • You can save your data for an offline analysis
  • Tracking of secondary behaviors
  • You can also email the summary of the sessions

The app MyLynel is researched and supported by The Department of Education and National Science Foundation (NSF). A team of speech-language pathologists and speech research scientists has developed the app.

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