How to Stimulate Babies to Talk?

How to Stimulate Babies to Talk?

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 Stimulate Babies to Talk, Baby’s first year will have many changes and developments – From the smiles, gurgles, and coos to learning to say “mama” or “dada” or any other words. Babies enjoy communicating with others and also they expect you to react for it. It is very important to keep encouraging your child to communicate more and more. You can do so in many simple ways.

  • Smile often at your baby, especially when he is cooing, gurgling, or vocalizing.
  • Pay attention, look at your baby when they babble, laugh or make any sounds.
  • Say sound like “pa”, “ba” or “ma”.  Try to make your baby to say them back to you.
  • Look at your baby when they make sounds. Talk back to them, say what they are saying, and pretend to have a conversation.

Stimulate Babies to Talk

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  • Respond when your baby laughs or makes faces. Make the same faces back to them.
  • Teach your baby to do what you do, like clapping, high – five, peek – a – boo, shaking a rattle etc.


  • Bath timeDo not miss any chances of talking with your baby. Talk while giving bath, while getting dressed or during meal. Tell them what you are doing, use simple words, lots of actions and facial expressions, and keep it interesting to your child.
  • Point out colours and shapes from close surroundings, dress, cradle or from toys.
  • Point and Count what you see.




  • Use lots of gestures like waving, eye gaze, head movements and pointing.
  • Talk about animal sounds. Use animal toys and make various animal sounds, make your baby to attempt what you are doing.
  • Try imitating different environmental sounds such as vehicle, doorbell, pressure cooker, vehicle hors, bicycle bell, phone ring etc. Get your baby to imitate you.
  • Add on to what your baby says. When your baby says, “moo” say – “cow says moo, where is cow”/ if baby says “mama”, say “here is mama” etc.

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  • Read to your child. You don’t have to read every word from the book, but talk about the pictures. Choose books that are sturdy and have large colorful pictures. Ask your child to point, pat or touch pictures, make sounds relevant to pictures, etc.


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