Best Out of Waste

Best Out of Waste

Best Out of Waste

Do you want to know how to get the best out of waste?

Creativity is not just in creating beautiful pieces from an assortment of pretty colors and materials, its also in creating something of value from seemingly useless things. During our regular chit-chat call the other day when my friend VC mentioned that she doesn’t buy craft supplies for her 2 year old twins, I was intrigued. I knew that she does daily art projects with her kids and was curious to see how she does that without the paraphernalia that I can’t seem to work without.

I didn’t need to wait too long. Next day she sent me video of a car she made using an empty carton. It was not fancy but it served the purpose as I saw the twins happily play with the car in the video clip. I filed it in my memory to use later and soon got the opportunity too. Hubby was traveling for work again and VMJ being Daddy’s girl was not happy about it. To keep her from sulking I suggested why don’t we make an aeroplane and go meet Papa! She was only too excited to cooperate.

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I got a sturdy carton and cut windows and holes for VMJ’s legs. She then painted the outside and once the paint dried she decorated it with stars, pompoms and made eyes. For the wings we added 2 balloons on the sides.

VMJ’s legs

The result was a pretty funny looking plane but hey… it kept her busy for good 2 hours and later both VMJ and baby VSJ had fun playing with it. It was a brilliant idea and all thanks to VC for showing me the ropes!

House for baby

One can make it for school Best-out-of-waste craft competitions, or as a cheap and entertaining toy for your child.

Happy crafting,

Written by Aparna originally on FiftyShadesOfaMom

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