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Speech Journal

Speech Journal

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It is essential to document your child’s ongoing speech progress. Here is a great tool which is bound to help you!

Open an excel sheet and make a chart of your child’s vocabulary.You can call it your child’s Speech Journal. Note the date when you start filling the sheet and review it at the end of every month. You can also mention any special observations that you make as your child continues to surprise you with his emerging expressive vocabulary.

Note – Find an example attached.

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Categories that you can use – ( examples along)

  • People – Mumma
  • Food – Chapati, Juice, water
  • Body Parts – eyes
  • Animals – Doggie
  • Objects – Cup, bag, book
  • Colours – Yellow, Blue
  • Toys – Ball
  • Vehicles – Car, Aeroplane
  • Numbers – 1
  • Alphabets- A
  • Greetings- Hi
  • Action Words – Sit
  • Places- School
  • Characters- Peppa
  • Pronouns- I, me
  • Adjectives- big
  • Environmental Sounds – bow bow, kooo chuk chuk
  • Functional Words- was, went
  • Gestures – Hand/body gestures like- come, bye, no, go,sit.

There is a special mention of ‘Gestures’ in the category list. Gestures used by your child make up a chunk of his expressive vocabulary and are a must to note. Some kids start using gestures before they come out with words. Be honest and get started!

Your child may not be speaking all the words clearly, but here we aim to record the number of words he can say and use, not how well he pronounces them. Enter only those words which you think your child has spoken at least 2 -3 times in a meaningful context.

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