Speech Regression

Speech Regression

What is Speech Regression?

This article focus on speech regression and tips to manage it. First, lets look what is Speech Regression.

Regression means loss of previously achieved skill. Speech regression is loss of acquired speech skills. It doesn’t mean it’s due to lack of communication skills.  Speech regression can be either of  slow or sudden onset. Regression happens early. It can happen between 18-24 months, even though some children shows the signs at the age of 12 months. This article also discuss tips to manage speech regression.


  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • When a child masters another skill, they tend t show some decline in other.
  • Environmental change like shifting to a new place, house ,new school etc.
  • Speech loss after Epilepsy


  • They will stop using previously used words.
  • They will return to babbling stage after the loss of words.
  • A child who doesn’t interact or play with other children.
  • Not able to understand what others are talking about?
  • Not able to answer to questions.

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Tips to Manage Speech Regression

  • Keep stimulating the child

A child requires constant speech and language stimulation to develop his communication skills. This will lead to continuous vocabulary growth and will develop their communication skills.

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  • Encourage and praise the child when the child makes some sounds and words

This will help them to make more attempts and will create a sense of self and will boost their self confidence.

  • Allow some regression to happen as the child will be taking time to master new skills

When a child masters another skill, they can show regression which is normal, so we have to wait patiently and keep talking to the child.

  • Show lots of pictures and introduce story books to the child

Reading stories will give exposure to different words, sounds and also will help in imagination skills of the child.

  • Allow opportunity for messy play so that the child will be able to express their feelings
  • Let your child take the lead so that they will feel more secured and confident
  • Use lots of pretend play with children


When you see that your child is not talking as much as he was doing before, you have to overlook to his speech. we need to monitor the child’s speech skill. When the child doesn’t show any improvement in speech skills, you need to meet a Speech therapist.

The child’s speech skills will be assessed by speech therapist . A detailed history will be taken. In this they will look how much skills has been lost by the child. They will see whether the child is showing autistic behavior.

After assessment, the child will be advised for speech therapy if required. During speech therapy, the child will be taught to communicate.

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Research on Speech Regression

Research reveals Speech regression is one of the sign of autism. Sometimes ,it doesn’t indicate Autism. There can be some developmental differences or Epilepsy also. A Detailed speech assessment will be done to know the cause and speech therapy will be given.

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In conclusion, loss of previously acquired speech skill  is speech regression. A speech assessment will help in planning the treatment.

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